Naada Yoga by Dr Kiran Seth

On 23rd November 2016, SPIC MACAY IIIT Bangalore chapter hosted a session on Naad Yoga by Dr. Kiran Seth (founder, SPIC MACAY) and Vid. Vani Sateesh (Carnatic vocalist). Naada yoga is meditation through the usage of sound. It revolves around focusing one’s breath and controlling it while practicing the seven swaras, sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa which are visualized as being placed at different levels in the front of one’s body from the throat to below the navel to generate sound/notes in different octaves. It is often practiced by students of classical music. Hindustani artists often refer to it as riyaaz. It is not just practicing music but doing so with this awareness. As one focuses on one spot/chakra while generating the sound of a note, one experiences vibrations that help cleansing and freeing up one’s mind of garbage. It helps one to focus better, feel refreshed and light. Dr. Seth explained how regular practice of Naada Yoga can increase one’s concentration and help them do their daily activities, be it studies or work, more effectively. It was a learning and memorable experiences for all the participants.